Taking shots of the landscapes seemed quite easy to me for a long time. I thought it is just about being on the right place at the right moment. Well, this is probably really crucial. But it is not enough. After some time I found it is much about the nature, about the light, about the moments. And about myself as well, so finally I think I still do not know how to shot the landscape well. But I like it. I love it. I enjoy it. Hope, you will as well!





I am really happy to win the DJI international photography contest "What is in your bag?". The first prize - Phantom 3 Advanced! This is what I did with the Phantom immediately after unboxing. I am pretty sure you will enjoy as I did!


Here are some timelapse videos of the sunsets in 2012. I think, this was really worth of personal experience :-)


Greenland trail was my ultimate life experience. Three friends. Three weeks. Destination arctic circle! Simply: AWESOME!


I came to this absolutely awesome country for the first time in the spring 2007. Just to visit my friend Michal living there for almost all his life. We spent some great days in the rocks and it was clear I have to come again. And again. Finally, in 2009 I get a local position: as a lector of the photography workshops. Since this time I teach about 6 workshops every year there. I completely fall in love with this landscape and found it to be the right place to spend some weekend whenever possible. 

More of my shots from this great nature you can see in the slideshow below :-)

LAKE BAIKAL - the jewel of Siberia, 2010

The oldest. The deepest. The most massive. All these characteristics apply to the famous Siberian Lake Baikal, which its residents call a freshwater sea. 

Visiting the Baikal Lake, was one of the most impressive experience I have ever had in my life. We came there during the Indian summer 2010, as this is supposed to be the best period to visit Siberia - the number of mosquitoes is significantly lower than during the hot summer time (but they are still very, very annoying), most of the other hikers are usually gone and the weather is still nice. 

The northeast coast has one striking feature: the sunsets are usually much more interesting than the sunrises as you can see the sun on the lake’s western shore. However, some of the most impressive photography of dawns and morning light I have experienced in my life were on the Frolikha Lake, which is about 8 km from the very beautiful Ayaya bay, on Lake Baikal’s east coast. It is a charming, calm, deep and highly transparent glacial lake, surrounded by high hills. I am quite sure that this is one of the best photographic locations in all of Russia. By the way, in the language of the old Evenks, people living here in the past, Ayaya means very beautiful”. And it is.