--Probably every owner of any camera aims this gun to the other people. Some of us do it quite often, some seriously, some just for fun. I do it in both these ways ;-)

Scientists..., 2011 - 2015

Someone would say that scientist are people with the great passion for the knowledge and research. Personally, I am not sure if they are the same species as the rest of the human population. However, I am glad to take the shots of them, especially when being considered to be one of them :-) Here you can see some mix of the scientists portraits. Some are very old professors, some are just fascinated children. But all of them share one feature: they love to get the knowledge. Enjoy!

The photographers, 2009 - 2015

Weddings, 2007-2012

I do not enjoy wedding photography too much. However, when my friends ask I do it for them. And I am happy that do not have to do it for money... ;-)

My friends

There are some few shots of peole around me. No systematic work, just fun... :-)

Liturgia, 2007 - 2009

I did not feel to be specialized on the nudes never in my life. But there was one short period I really liked it, and enjoyed some celebration of the naked women body. With my friends (models) we did a series called Liturgia. Although it is just few shots, it took us a lot of time working systematically on this concept. three years. Finally, we opened two exhibitions and closed it. Maybe, postponed it. Who knows, maybe I will desire nude shooting again in the future... However,thank you very much all of you helped me, supported me and, of course, stayed in front of my camera...