List of my gear is incomplete here. But I promise to write as much as possible about the things I use soon.


Small pocket camera, one of the greatest small things I have ever used... Originally I considered Coolpix A to be just boarded on my RC copter, but with the first touch I decided to carry it with me everywhere... :)

GOPRO HERO 2 (*2011), 3 Black (*2012), 4 Silver (*2015)

An amazing tool, here is a small video done mostly (about 60%) with GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and with GoPro Hero 2 (about 40%... Enjoy ;-)

All these shots were taken with GoPro HD2 outdoor camera. Although it is just a small piece of equipment, I like the camera a lot! :-)

Short movie shows a year of my life. It was completely taken on GoPro HD Hero2 camera and I strongly encourage all people watching to record their year as well. It is so indescribably interesting feel to see your year one year back!